Introducing your Coaching Staff

Jennifer Murphy, Head Coach
Jennifer MurphyCoach Murphy has extensive experience coaching and organizing the Tuff Chix Softball Club and the Granada Hills Little League Softball Program.  In 2012, Coach Murphy took the Granada Hills All Star Team to the regional finals, just missing a trip to the Little League World Series.  Outside of coaching, Coach Murphy works for Los Angeles County.  Coach Murphy will be setting the agenda for all softball practices and leading game strategy. 
James Coomes, Assistant and Manager
James CoomesCoach Coomes has been coaching softball and baseball for 8 years.  When not on the field, he is a clinical social worker with Los Angeles County and on the faculty with the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine.  This season, he will be assisting Coach Murphy on the practice and game fields, as well as coordinating softball clinics and other softball/school related activities.  Coach Coomes is the primary contact for parents, family members and teachers.  He can be reached at
In 2017, the coaching staff helped guide the Lady Valiants to a 10-0 record in the Santa Fe League, and into the second round of CIF playoffs.  The staff is looking forward to laying the groundwork for a successful 2018 season.