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Parentlocker App-For Daily Health Screening of Students Returning on Campus

For students who are returning to on campus learning, we will be using an app from Parentlocker for students to complete the required daily health screening. All parents should have received an email about downloading this free app. Click "READ FULL STORY" to view the PDF instructions.

Return to School Dates

All students will start the "Zoomer" and "Roomer" schedule beginning April13


TONIGHT! St. Genevieve at Harvard Westlake - 7:00pm - Click "Read Full Story" to view the livestream.


Honor Roll Criteria
1. 1st Honors Academic GPA 3.75 and above; 2nd Honors Academic GPA 3.5-3.74
2. No report card grades of “D” or “F”
3. Student must not be on academic and/or behavior probation for any reason.
4. No incidents of cheating or academic dishonesty.
Students will be removed from the Honor Roll if an incident of cheating or academic dishonesty occurs after earning a place on the Honor Roll.
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