Character Education Speaker - Former Mayor Richard Riordan

Last Thursday Mayor Riordan was our first Character Education Speaker of this school year. Our gym was filled with students, staff, parents and guests as we sang and welcomed everyone to the new school year. Principal Horn explained our theme “I Know Who I Am” and welcomed our new and current parents. Mayor Riordan expressed to Valiants the importance of being a leader. He reminded students to treat everyone as an equal.

Mayor Riordan also spoke of examples during his career when his leadership and character was necessary to overcome obstacles and urged students to do the same. After the Mayor spoke, he took some questions from the audience and thanked Valiants for the exciting welcome. We are extremely grateful to Mayor Riordan for giving us such an uplifting start to our Character Education Speaker Series. We look forward to our future endeavors with Mayor Riordan.
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