President Carter To Visit The Valiants

St. Genevieve High School will be receiving a special visit on Monday, October 25, 2010. Former President Jimmy Carter will be stopping by to talk to our Valiant student body. President Carter is no stranger to the students of St. Genevieve High School. Many students and faculty have been to his hometown of Plains, Georgia. The cast and crew of "Singing in the Rain" had the honor of performing in the auditorium of Plains High School, which was attended by both President and Mrs. Carter. Our choir sang for his 85th birthday and other occasions. Some students have begun to refer to Plains as our “second home.” Now, it is time for President Carter to meet the rest of the Valiants and their families. Invitations to our families and special guests are being sent this weekend.

We are greatly looking forward to hosting our friend, President Carter as a culmination of our homecoming week…how fitting!

The spiritual relationship that President Carter has developed with our Valiants over the years has grown into a special connection of which we are quite proud and for which we are very grateful. We are excited about his arrival and wish him a safe journey during his travels.
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