Highlights From President Carter's Visit

Monday, October 25, 2010 will remain a day of historical significance for the community of St. Genevieve High School. Jimmy Carter, our 39th President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient stopped to visit his “Favorite High School in America.”

The St. Genevieve gym was filled with overwhelming enthusiasm as we watched on live feed the motorcades arrival. President Carter was greeted by our principal and two student representatives who presented the former President with a St. Genevieve ball cap. The crowd of more than 1300 wildly applauded while watching on big screen as our former President immediately donned the cap to enter the awaiting crowd.

By the time Carter himself entered the gym the crowd was beyond excitement and greeted him with euphoric joy. In an attempt to take pictures with as many students as possible, Carter walked the perimeter of the gym stopping along the way for photographers.

Carter greeted the crowd with the question, “Can you guess what my favorite high school in America is?” He went on to say that you can ask anyone in Plains, his hometown, and they would tell you Carter has a special place in his heart for St. Genevieve High School.

President Carter spoke about his experiences with our choir, dance teams and staff when they visited him in Plains, Georgia. He was extremely excited to be able to visit with the rest of the student body. He said this would remain a highlight of his life.

After President Carter spoke, he took some questions from students ranging from immigration, world peace, gay marriage, legalization of marijuana and human rights. Our choir sang a Prayer of St. Francis noting that President Carter has done so much to achieve peace as President as well as during his years as former President.

The entire gathering of students, families and friends of St. Genevieve blessed former president Carter just prior to his departure. As he made his way back to his motorcade the choir sang, Midnight Train to Georgia. As the motorcade drove off, we were all left with a memory of a lifetime!
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