SGHS Valiants will be in China May 29-June 9 participating in an exciting immersion program during which they will live with a Chinese family as well as travel around the country.  Valiants will visit a high school in Hangzhou where they will meet their English-speaking host buddies, in whose homes they will live for several days.  Our student will go sightseeing in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhu Jiajiao, visiting historic locations, ancient temples, beautiful gardens and modern skyscrapers.  They will take riverboat cruises, enjoy local entertainment and eat a lot of Chinese food.  There is also abundant time to enjoy the great shopping available in China.  Students who are presently studying Chinese at SGHS will get the chance to exercise their language skills.

SGHS trips to China are open to all SGHS students.  Students and parents interested in learning about our next trip to China should contact Ms. Yang, the SGHS Mandarin Chinese teacher, at
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