Valiant Football Picks Up League Win Over Bosco Tech

Posted November 8th, 2014
St. Genevieve Football

Coach Brent Huff and the Valiants finished up the regular season with a 54-0 league victory over Bosco Tech High School Friday night. St. Genevieve was efficient on both sides of the ball producing big plays and turnovers throughout the duration of the game.

A league victory leaves the Valiants 6-4 on the season and (3-1) in Santa Fe league play placing them 2nd behind St. Anthony High School.

Key Stats against Bosco Tech


Matthew Cecil - 7 carries for 134 yds.

Brian Devereaux - 3 carries for 69 yds and 1TD

Jessie Camacho - 6 carries for 93 yds and 2TDs


Xavier McClean - 1 reception for 48 yds and 1TD

Matthew Reyes - 1 reception for 35 yds and 1TD


Miguel Garcia -  2-2 for 93 yds and 2TDs


Matthew Reyes - 1 interception

Anthony Fajardo - 19 total tackles  (17 assisted, 2 solo)

Special Teams

Alonzell Henderson - 82 yard punt return for a Touchdown