Letter from the Office of the President/Principal

Dear Parent-Guardians-Friends of St. Genevieve Schools,
I don’t know about you, but I’m so glad to be back in the swing of the school year! Our summer is a short one, but I’ve missed the great energy of this beating heart of a school known as St. Genevieve. One of my goals each year is to have the best year of my life. Most of the time, because to the kindness, caring and excitement of this community…my goal is met. This year should be no exception…let’s all make it our goal to live our best year yet! And in order to achieve a more peaceful world, let’s begin by promising to be examples of peaceful spirits.
In an effort to work smarter and better serve our community, we have made some adjustments to our administrative structure. Instead of having two people doing the same job at two schools we are trying to streamline our efforts. Additionally, our goal is to better utilize individual talents. Therefore, instead of divvying responsibilities based on schools, we are attempting to divvy the responsibilities which will be carried out by the same person at both schools.
During the spring, Amanda Allen, Patrick Palmeter and Marilyn Tran began to review job descriptions and have conversations regarding who has interests and talents in the various areas. They have divided the responsibilities and all three of them will be working on both the elementary and the high school campuses.
We have also decided to change job titles to Directors.
Executive Director: Amanda Allen
Associate Director: Patrick Palmeter
Associate Director: Marilyn Tran
We are asking for everyone’s patience as we continue to work out the details…our goal is to better and more efficiently serve, but as with anything new, there will be glitches. Know that our goal is always to be improving.
I can tell you first-hand that watching the three of them work and plan together is inspiring, and I’m certain that teaching and learning will improve because of the newer structure. They make a great team and we will all benefit from their teamwork. My gratitude to them and my best wishes to all of us for a wonderful and productive school year.
Let’s pray for Peace in the world by becoming Peaceful in our World!
Dan Horn, President-Principal