A Message From The Dean

Dear Parents and Students,

            I would like to take this opportunity to discuss plagiarism. Students are required to put thought and energy into their assignments. However, there are times when students seek to find shortcuts in completing their assignments in an effort to relieve some of the stress and pressures. When students do this they find themselves in a situation in which their reasons have no justification. 

Please take this opportunity to discuss this topic with your students and the importance of academic honesty, especially as the semester begins to come to a close for our high school students.

Saint Genevieve considers the following as academic dishonesty (but are not limited to):

  • Receiving or supplying unauthorized information
  • Copying the work of others or permitting your work to be copied
  • Possession of unauthorized materials during an exam
  • Changing the answer after the work has been completed
  • Copying and submitting the assignment of another student
  • Permitting the copying of homework, assignment or project of another student.


The school will follow these steps.  However, in extremely serious cases students may be suspended, asked to withdraw, or expelled.

First Offense:

    1. A zero is given for the assignment.
    2. Disciplinary referral is issued.
    3. Conference with parents is required.
    4. Student is placed on probation.
    5. Student may lose any St. Genevieve scholarship.
    6. Student may be removed from any leadership position or may be barred from being a candidate for leadership.

 Second Offense:

    1. Student may be asked to withdraw from school


Thank you for your time in addressing this issue with your students.



Amanda De La Cruz

Director of Character Formation