Practice & Uniform Gear

Cheer Uniform Fittings will take place during practice Monday, July 11th.
Students will be given access to a payment portal where parents can finalize payments for cheer uniforms.
More information will be provided.
The following items need to be purchased by the start of school:
Practice Shorts
Soffee brand: 3 pairs (1 black, 1 navy, 1 oxford grey)
Please make sure these shorts are length appropriate or you may be asked to purchase a different size.
$6.25 each = $18.75*
Cheer Shoes
Nike Sideline III (1 pair)
The following items need to be purchased by the week of the first game:
2 glitter bows (1 glitter silver, 1 glitter fuchsia)
$4.95 each = $9.90*
2 Solid Metallic Poms (2 silver- they are sold individually, not in pairs)
$7.75 each = $15.50*
The following item is an optional duffel bag:
1 Travel Sport Bag with CHEERLEADER screened on side (1 navy)
*All pricing given does not include sales tax or shipping costs. Shipping is currently free on orders over $75.