Cheer Uniform

Cheer Uniforms are ordered through Varsity brand.
Please follow the payment portal to make your purchase.
The sooner you purchase your uniform, the sooner it will arrive in the mail.
Varsity - $76.95*
JV - $76.95*
Long-sleeve liner
Varsity - $76.95*
JV - $35.95*
*All pricing does not include tax & shipping.

The payment portal is continuously OPEN with a scheduled CLOSING date of:  reference below


Payment not received by closing date will delay delivery of order - Additional charges will apply for individual orders


Prior to payment: 

~review your Individual Detail Summary, this is a separate attachment provided by your advisor/coach

                ~review your order for quantity and sizes selected

                ~review your order for spelling of name & graduation year if applied to garments, bag

                ~contact advisor/coach immediately for correction of quantity, sizes, name spelling, graduation year


  • On a computer or laptop, in the search bar, enter the following address:


  • Enter the order number and customer number


  •       August 22 – jacket, pants, jersey / ORDER number: 39802466


  •      CUSTOMER number: 53331800


  • Select name of team member, click on the blue “+” box, to the left of name to review individual order


  • After review, proceed with payment by credit card, debit card, or gift card


  •  A receipt will be emailed to you, save or print a copy of the receipt