About Theatre Productions


     Paramount to St. Genevieve High School's mission and philosophy is the theatre department's dedication and commitment to providing the community with extraordinary, live-theatre productions and our students with the best in Arts education. It has proudly been the mission of the high school theatre department to service the community with quality family entertainment and to teach its members the importance of the Arts in St. Genevieve High School. St. Genevieve prides itself in being one of the most sought after schools in terms of its theatre department and arts curriculum. Within this decade, St. Genevieve has germinated from three arts classes to the creative grove it is today, with classes ranging from art, band, and drama, to digital video production and more. It's definitely a growth worth recognizing.


     It's no wonder that our theatre productions experienced the same evolution. From "easing on down the road" with The Wiz to "the farmer and the cowman" of the old west in Oklahoma, the students and staff have displayed a level of growth unheard of in high school education. Thus, it has been the mission of St. Genevieve High School to send the invitation and "be our guest;" see and experience the difference. Not only is one impressed by the caliber of performance and the professionalism of our performers, but one cannot escape the level of love and support from our growing community. With the generous and creative support of its members, St. Genevieve High School's theatre productions continue to create and invest in a future that support the arts within its community.