The Music Man

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Attention Valiants interested in being a part of the crew/stage hands for the upcoming musical "The Music Man" please Click Here and fill out the application in its entirety.

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Congratulations to all students who came out and auditioned for The Music Man! It really was a great surprise to see so many of you come out and try to be a part of something that St. Genevieve holds in very high regard. If your name does not appear on this list, please keep trying and you will find that your persistence will pay off in a future theatre production. There will be other shows, so be sure to practice your singing and dancing for the next audition. For all those students whose name appears on the cast list, be sure to a attend a meeting on Thursday, August 16th, to make introductions, address the rehearsal schedule, and speak of other important concerns. This meeting will last approximately 1 hour and should run from 1:45 – 2:45. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Also, be sure to reserve Friday after school, from 3:15-6pm for your very first rehearsal and to pick up your schedule for the month of August. We look forward to working with all of you and be sure to listen to further details as they arrive. Break a leg, Valiants!

The Music Man Cast List

        Harold Hill ****************************************           Ian Kytlica
        Marian Paroo     ************************************        Juanne Aquino
        Mrs. Paroo    ************************************             Nataly Menjivar
        Mayor Shinn     ************************************         Alejandro Mineros
        Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn     **********************        Jessica Clemente
        Marcellus Washburn     *****************************       Khristian Decastro
        The Quartet    ***********************************             Justin Caballa
                                                                                                             Adrian Chavez
                                                                                                             Jacob Kelso
                                                                                                             Jordan Parks
        Alma Hix         **********************************              Joanne Atienza
        Maud Dunlop    ***********************************           Iman Ramzen
        Ethel Toffelmier         *****************************           Analiza Torres
        Mrs. Squires    ***********************************            Rosalind Smith
        Tommy Djilas     ***********************************          Luigi Gatuslao
        Zaneeta Shinn    ***********************************         Vanessa Bass
        Charlie Cowell     ***********************************        Gi Gonzales
        Constable Locke     *****************************             Ricky Jimenez
        Conductor    ***********************************                Joseph Ballas
       Gracie Shinn    ************************************           MelissaCastaneda
        Ensemble of River City Townspeople     **************          Kailey Stephen-Lane
                                                                                              Justine Hong
                                                                                              Branden Cayanan
                                                                                              Brianna Barcosa
                                                                                              Michaela Ventura
                                                                                              Jerry Xu
                                                                                              Payal Patel
                                                                                              Stacy Nunez
                                                                                              Michael Luntzel
                                                                                              Farina Aguinaldo
                                                                                              CJ Batol
                                                                                              Jojo Bray
                                                                                              Lyn Xu
                                                                                              Brandon Alvarado
                                                                                              Nicole Caballa
                                                                                              Rebecca Prompichai
                                                                                              Pablo Carcamo
                                                                                              Vivian Zhang
                                                                                              Brianna Carillo
                                                                                              Alex Teng
                                                                                              Flor Carpio
                                                                                              Joel Guzman
                                                                                              Mireya Carpio
                                                                                              Robyn Harriman
                                                                                              Mark Martinez
                                                                                              Chad Mendoza
                                                                                              Davina Clay-Runkaputi
                                                                                              Destiny Johnson
                                                                                              Jimmy Wan
                                                                                              Micaela Mariano        
                                                                                              Matthew Torres


Stage Manager:          Vivian Parada

Asst. SM:                    Regina Averion & Noah Weise

Light Operators:          July Guo, Benny Chutinuntanakul, Airene Dizon

Sound Technicians:     Matthew Clemente, Maria Gamino, Claire Bantilan

Costume Managers:    Kristin Rivas, Amanda Hernandez, Nancy Zhang

Prop Managers:           Lauren Rhodes, Tina Huang, Leslie Mercado

Hair& Make-up:           Olivia Hart, Summer Saalih, Daniella Mejia, Arianna Kashania

                                    Vivianna Sanchez
                                    Ryan Toledo
                                    Mark Chin
                                    Alberto Lopez
                                    Courtney Lima
                                    Amy Hernandez
                                    Nicolette Rodriguez
                                    Jesus Aguilar
                                    Eve Chutinuntanakul
                                    Stephanie Torres
                                    Yuna Yeung
                                    Jocelyn Coreas
                                    Amanda Rivas

Congratulations to all those who auditioned for a position in our production crew! If you did not make the cut, be persistent and try out in the spring or next fall to be a part of our productions. Do not let the next opportunity pass you by, and be sure to work on your interview.

For those students listed above, please be sure to attend a brief meeting on Monday, August 27, immediately after school in room 103 to discuss balancing your time, rehearsals and meetings, and important dates to remember. If you have a conflict with the meeting time, be sure to let Mr. DoPorto know immediately. Failure to arrive to your first meeting could result in the removal of your position. We look forward to working with each and every one of you and know that YOU will definitely be an asset to the success of OUR show!