Mamma Mia Cast List

     To all of you who auditioned for Mamma Mia! , thank you, thank you, thank you! We had a wonderful turn out and you all did a great job! Unfortunately, we are unable to take all of you, but I want to let you know that the road doesn't end here. For those of you who were not selected to be in this show, I encourage you to work on developing your skills. Classes in drama, dance and singing are available at St. Genevieve, at various professional outlets, or you can study on your own. The important thing is to develop your skills, become better and try out again with greater success! I am very grateful for each and every one of you! Here's to a bright and thriving theatre department at Saint Genevieve Parish Schools!
Cast List for Mamma Mia!
1. Sophie Sheridan – Arvi Coro
2. Ali – Kailyn Canoza
3. Lisa – Jaden See
4. Donna Sheridan – Brittany Rivas
5. Tanya – Jalaysah De Los Santos
6. Rosie – Cristina De La Torre
7. Sky – Carl Augustin
8. Pepper – Branden Arana
9. Eddie – Jordan Yambao
10.Harry Bright – Joshua Cruz
11.Bill Austin – Johnathan Mason
12.Sam Carmichael – Christian Avendano
13.Father Alexandrios – Angelo Varias
High School Boys
14.Prince Asi
15.Giovanni Vasquez
16.Andy Li
17.Travis Farrell
18.Mark Mendoza
High School Girls
19.Cassie Magsino
20.Catherine Gernade
21.Andrea Narcis
22.Jasmine Cardoza
23.Yuki Zhan
24.Nayelie Gutierrez
25.Sophia Yen
26.Angelika Narcis
27.Kary Poon
28.Natasha Le
Elementary Boys
29.Brody Watkins
30.Derek Sarmiento
Elementary Girls
31.Isabella Garcia
32.Mia Carceras
33.Moesha Barungi
34.Luxee Gomez
35.Chayra Sercena
36.Melanie Canuto
37.Leah Hurst
38.Caroline Meyer
39.Clara Yen