In 2001 Sommer Bethel began her career at St. Genevieve High School as an off campus coach for the Cheerleading and Dance teams. In 2003 she was offered a teaching position at SGHS where she taught Junior Religion, Psychology, Sociology and Fine Arts until 2005, at which time she took on the role as Dean of Studies.

     As Dean of Studies, Sommer had a variety of duties, some of which included conducting the school's extensive interview process for new teachers, classroom observations, tracking professional development and developing the master schedule. She also maintained her role as Fine Arts teacher and the Girl's Dance Team coach. 

     In August 2010 Sommer took on the role of Business Manager and Facility Manager. Adding yet another level of experience to her on going personal education. Most recently, May 2011, Sommer began coaching the Boys Dance Team and also created a Coed Dance Team, this first ever in school history.

     In 1999 Sommer obtained her BA in Criminal Justice with a minor in Fine Arts from the University at Albany located in Albany, New York. Since moving to California in 2000 she has obtained her MA in Education, California Clear Teaching Credential, California Clear Administrative Services Credential and is looking to start a doctoral program in the near future.

     One piece of advise she would like to give students about life would be to always live your dream. Her life is a testament to being able to accomplish anything you want even when the people around you think you can't. She feels that if you believe in yourself and want it bad enough only you will prevent yourself from accomplishing your goals; don't let others disbelief in you be your excuse.