Mrs. Dizon has been a member of our Valiant staff since 2006.

As Administrative Assistant to the Guidance & Counseling Department and the Campus Ministry, she welcomes every opportunity to participate in the collective efforts to serve and support the needs of our young Valiants, to prepare them to become constructive contributors to society and strong leaders of tomorrow.

As a Valiant parent of an alumna from K-12 who is now in college at UCLA, she is bursting with pride and gratitude for what St. Genevieve has accomplished to help her daughter become the person she is today—one propelled by ambition, good moral character, and strong sense of responsibility.

As a recipient of generous gifts of love, hope, and opportunity from people around her who care to change lives, Mrs. Dizon is inspired and motivated to continue to serve our Valiant community and to share with all parents the good news that, truly, THERE IS NO IDEA MORE BRILLIANT THAN ASPIRING TO BE A VALIANT!