One of our past school year themes “We are Called” immediately strikes home with John. After graduating from SGHS in 1975 he returned in 1981 to begin his teaching career. Here it is thirty years later and he still looks forward and enjoy every day of teaching. He knows that some people my see this as strange or just plain crazy, but how many people do you know who can say they love their job? John feels very fortunate to be called to a rewarding career here at SGHS. Was he destined to become a teacher? Until recently he would have said “no”. A few months ago he was in the middle of obtaining his U.S. passport when he noticed an ironic bit of information on his birth certificate. Sure the certificate had all the usual legal information like his name, date of birth, weight, doctor’s name, etc., but what caught his eye was the signature of the attending nurse in the delivery room. On that line it was signed Sister Genevieve. 


The time students spend together at Saint Genevieve is relatively short when you compare it to your entire life, but so much seems to happen during high school, Maybe when thinking back you will realize that your education at Saint Genevieve helped you become a better student, a better person, a person of good character, a person of faith . . . maybe a person who will help make the world a better place in which to live.