Hi! My name is Amir M. Dinkha. I am amazed by the energy, creativity, and love which radiate from St. Genevieve’s staff and students. Wow!


I was born in Baghdad, Iraq. I hold three Catholic pontifical academic degrees in Bible and Theology (Bachelor of Sacred Theology – Baghdad 1999, Master of Divinity – Dublin 2001, and Licentiate in Theology – Dublin 2004). I have taught theology and religious studies since 1997 in three different countries (Iraq, Ireland, and the United States of America).


My multicultural educational experience has made me appreciate the significance of creating a community of discipleship and scholarship united in the liturgical celebration of our inclusive Catholic faith and values.


I am passionate about teaching theology and religious studies because I believe it is the only effective and enjoyable way to form and transform students into becoming mature, responsible, and caring citizens who are the “salt of the earth” and “light of the world.”