Changing the View

Our tee-shirts bare the slogan, "Changing the View." Why? We adopted the slogan in August of 1999, just as the new century was about to bloom. It became one of our slogans for two reasons.
First, many people had a negative impression of St. Gen's. We wanted to address that negativity, and students knew they had the power to affect the change. It was obvious that we could not change the minds of people "out there," until students right here decided to spread the good news of St. Genevieve. We wanted the world to know, we had a plan to change how the immediate community viewed our school.
Secondly, heading into a new century and millennium, we wanted to prepare our students for after graduation: a constantly changing world. In order to prepare for constant change, we "shake things up" quite a bit. We are proud of the fact that we are agents of change, always looking for ways to improve and never timid to be different.
For instance, several times a year, we have school on a Saturday or Sunday. Our homecoming game is typically on a Saturday, and it has become our tradition to have students report for school that day. We celebrate mass together, then the entire school walks the parade route to our homecoming game. It is hard to convey the excitement as Roscoe Boulevard is taken over by The Valiants with class floats, the homecoming court, the football team, cheerleaders, and the lead car with our selected Grand Marshall of the parade. On that day, Panorama City comes to life with a small-town spirit and pride for St. Genevieve High School.
Evening School happens several times each semester as well. On these days, students usually report at sometime in the afternoon around 2:00. After daily announcements and three block classes, there is usually a dinner break. By then, our parents have arrived for the evening activity, whether a mass, ceremony, or a guest speaker. This allows parents and students to equally share in the day's education.
Truthfully, by doing things differently once in a while, it not only prepares for a constantly changing future, it makes school and learning exciting.