ADVENTure In Leadership

ADVENTure in Leadership
Advent: noun,
 - arrival that has been awaited for (especially of something momentus)
Knowing that most of our students have waited a long time for their high school years to begin, and that many parents experience numerous emotions in getting their son or daughter prepared for high school, we are ready for you.
No one can predict what the world will look like ten days from now, ten months from now, and definitely not ten years from now. However, the one thing that most people can agree on is that good leaders have always been a critical component to our success as a nation and as a church. That certainly will remain true.
Leadership Academy
At St. Genevieve we have made a commitment to our future by providing an academy approach to inspiring our students to become leaders. We believe it is through motivation, modeling, teaching, training and providing hands-on, out-of-the classroom experiences that best puts our students on the path of leadership.
Because of our small student body, we are able to provide a large number of leadership opportunities for our students. There are the expected opportunities for students to be class officers, club officers, team captains, and Kairos leaders. Additionally, our students are sometimes invited to speak to other school communities on the topic of Character Counts! ( Our students have spoken to faculties, PTO's and more recently have begun to conduct peer training at some of our local elementary schools.
A World of Leadership
Forty of our students have been trained by the Anti-Defamation league to conduct peer training workshops for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Our students have been trained to help their peers recognize prejudice and intolerance in their own school communities and to help in putting an end to bullying.
Nationally, students have spoken at conferences in Washington D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia on the topics of respect and character.
It is our goal that your four years with us will be your own personal advent. We want for you to discover the greatness within yourself and to realize your potential for leadership. We will do all possible so that on your student's graduation day, we will be sending forth the person that you have awaited for... and it will be a momentus occasion!
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