The Arts


St. Gen’s offers students a variety of learning experiences through its Visual & Performing Arts program. The program is designed to enhance aesthetic awareness, foster creativity and help young people discover and develop their talents. Whether through music, art, film/television, dance or theater, students at St. Genevieve become immersed in the arts. They learn to appreciate the arts as vital communication forms and reflections of the human mind and spirit. The school offers four core courses in the arts:

Drama introduces students to a wide variety of theater arts learning experiences. These include character analysis, narrative interpretation and public performance. There are numerous opportunities for creative expression and personal growth through exposure to set and costume design, stage management, blocking, lighting, sound and other performance-related components.
Music Appreciation
Music Appreciation presents students with an introductory survey of music history. Through the study of music theory, structure and notation, students learn how to read music and play simple melodies on the piano. Critical listening skills are developed as is a familiarity with the instruments of the orchestra. Folk instruments of selected cultural/national groups are examined. Field trips include 4-6 symphony orchestra concerts each year.
Art examines the history of visual art as an expression of the human condition and experience. Students work in two- and three- dimensional media, learning the techniques and skills required to effectively use art to communicate their understanding and vision of the world. They explore the components of visual art (i.e., color, perspective, composition, style) and gain an understanding and appreciation of the importance of art to the individual and to society.
Video Production
Video Production exposes students to film and television. Students learn camera skills, editing techniques, script writing and produce and direct their own films and commercials which are aired daily on the schools television station. They also perform in front of the camera. Students use sound samples as well as cutting-edge special effects in their productions and have many opportunities for creative expression through video and film.
St. Gen’s compliments its course offerings with extracurricular activities that offer students the chance to put to good use the skills and knowledge they learn in classroom. These include:

Musical Theater Productions
Two annual theater productions (one drama/comedy and one musical) attract wide student participation. A variety of roles on-stage and back-stage, as performers, crew, pit singers and technicians encourage the further exploration of the theater arts. In recent years, musicals have included Fame!, The Music Man, Carousel, South Pacific, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Les Miserables.
Dance Team
Whether they are performing modern dance or hip-hop, St. Gen’s dance team is exciting to watch. Students may audition for a place on the team, which regularly performs at school events. Working with professional choreographers, students maintain an intense practice schedule. As a result of their hard work, the team has brought home many trophies and has won local, state and national recognition.
Singing holds a special place at St. Gen’s. Everyone sings! Because of our school’s commitment to prayer through singing, we sing every chance we get. And whether male or female, freshmen or senior, singing in the choir is great fun. The music is a mix of traditional and contemporary and there are opportunities for both individual and group performances through the year.
Open to all students who can play a musical instrument, the pep band performs at school activities including rallies and sporting events. In addition to enthusiasm and commitment, requirements for participation are: a desire to play in a group; a willingness to teach others what you have already learned; and, a readiness to learn from others.
The arts at St. Gen’s are all about discovery, creativity and self-expression. An appreciation of the importance of hard work, self-discipline, personal responsibility and teamwork are emphasized. Whether in the classroom or on the stage, behind the camera or with paint brush in hand, every student gets involved in the arts.