Freshmen Retreat
The Birth of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood

At the beginning of the school year, Saint Genevieve High School celebrates our incoming freshman class by putting on both a girls and boys freshman overnight retreat. These retreats are held on campus, and are peer-led with lots of meaningful discussions, fun activities and great food. This retreat experience offers freshmen students an opportunity to bond as the class of 2020, get to know one another better and form meaningful and lasting friendships, which they carry with them throughout their entire high school experience.

What time do I need to arrive? and where will it take place?
Please arrive by 5:45pm Saturday, the retreat takes place on campus.
·         What time do I pick up my child?
Please pick up your child by 8:15 am on Sunday morning
·         Where do we report?
Please report to the gym entrance next to the Cafe.
·         What do I need to bring? How should I dress?
A sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush and toothpaste, any medicine (please check it in )...wear comfortable clothing
·         Who will be present?
Female faculty/female Senior leaders  for the girls retreat.
Male faculty/male Senior leaders  for the boys retreat.
Campus safety will also be present.
·         Will my child sleep?
They will have an opportunity to get some sleep.
·         Do I need a permission slip?
Yes, please bring the permission slip mailed to you or download it from the website (Campus ministry section)
·         Will my child be fed?
Yes we will have a late night bbq….but you are welcome to bring snacks and beverages (sharing is encouraged)
·         Is my child permitted to bring a cell phone?
We will collect cell phones at check in and return them in the morning to contact you for pick up.
·         If I need to reach my child, who do I call?
Mr Torres 213-804-5211
Sophomore and Junior Retreats
Members of the sophomore and junior classes are swept away from the hustle-and-bustle of day-to-day academic life; each class having their own one-day intense spiritual retreat where students experience meaningful talks given by student leaders, inspirational prayer, personal and group reflections, fun activities, and great food. Senior students, who have had the privileged experience of leading the years powerful Kairos retreats, lead these retreats for the sophomore and junior classes. The purpose of these retreats is to provide students an opportunity for spiritual growth, so to deepen their faith life. Additionally, these retreats provide individuals an opportunity to deepen existing friendships, establish new friendships and mend damaged relationships so each class can strengthen its bonds; thereby, improving to create shared support, excluding no one, for a positive and powerful high school experience.
Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment: a period of time in which something special happens. Used in the context of a religious retreat the word Kairos refers to God’s time -- a time spent in contemplation and communication with God. In 1965, the Jesuit priests brought the Kairos retreat format to Catholic high schools. It has become a significant part of faith formation for young adults across the country as well as at Saint Genevieve High School.

The Kairos retreat program has been around in Catholic schools since 1965; it was begun by the Jesuits and has spread throughout the country. Saint Genevieve High School has offered the Kairos retreat experience for senior students for the past six years. We are witness to the deepening faith of those students who have experienced the Kairos retreat. Kairos is an extraordinary and amazing experience where students gain deep insights and understanding as to: how to love themselves; how to love others for their God self; how to be at peace with themselves, despite their perceived faults and insecurities; how to lead a healthy and happy life; how to overcome problems and issues that may be blocking or limiting their true potential; how to heal damaged relationships with family members and friends; how to heal hurt feelings and possibly a broken heart; and, how to gain the ability to forgive themselves as well as others. Most importantly though, the Kairos retreat experience brings the students closer to God and strengthens their ability to directly communicate with God and Jesus through prayer and the celebration of the Mass.
Our very special thanks goes out to two of our Catholic High schools. In May, 2005, five Valiants attended a Kairos with Loyola High School, their 61st Kairos. In August of 2005, 14 more Valiants attended the 24th Kairos of Bishop Amat High School. Because of the generous sharing and community spirit of these two schools, St. Gen’s was able to bring a very successful experience to students who participated in Kairos One in October and Kairos Two in November of 2005.
Freshmen Retreat Info & Permission Slip