Student Services Program

Christian Service Program
Through the Christian Service Program, every student at St. Genevieve High School is given the chance to put into practice Jesus’ command to “Love one another as I have loved you.” And in so doing students recognize their responsibility to our nation, our church, and our world.
By returning to the tradition of our church and looking to the Acts of Mercy for our guides to service. By reaching out to the needy, elderly, sick and disenfranchised in our community.
During the school year, every student — regardless of religious affiliation — must complete a certain number of “service hours” for his or her religious studies course.
So they can experience, through personal and community outreach, the joy of self-giving and God’s loving grace, while meeting new friends, encountering new experiences and discovering new talents.
Every year Campus Ministry updates its Service Hours Opportunity List to offer students the most relevant and rewarding volunteer experiences. Some of the organizations come from recommendations of students. Direct service hours include serving food at a homeless shelter, tutoring special needs children, teaching English or reading to illiterate adults, visiting with seniors in nursing homes and helping to train Special Olympics athletes. Support service hours range from donating food to food drives, stuffing envelopes for a homeless shelter’s annual fund-raising drive and lobbying for social justice legislation. A service project can be a community building enterprise within a class or throughout the entire school.
Freshmen are required to do 15 service hours, sophomores 25, juniors 30 and seniors 20. But most students find volunteering so fulfilling they find themselves continuing to volunteer after they have met the recommended number of hours. Many, in fact, report that Christian Service was one of best learning experiences they had at St. Genevieve.
We try to teach that service is an opportunity not an obligation. An opportunity to see Christ in others and show them Christ in us. If they enjoy being of service to others, it is all the more likely that they will continue to volunteer as adults.”
- Bernard Torres
Director of Campus Ministry