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Policies/Parent-Student Handbook

The following are a few excerpts for the St. Genevieve Parent/Student Handbook. Parents and students should be aware of all of the policies outlined in the handbook and not just the ones listed below:
Saint Genevieve High School demands the academic moral best from each student. Academic dishonesty in any form is directly contrary to our philosophy and goals. Therefore cheating or plagiarism of any kind warrants serious disciplinary repercussions. Saint Genevieve supports the belief that academic honesty demands individual accountability with regard to the submission of student work. Students have a moral responsibility to others and themselves to avoid cheating. Honesty is the primary responsibility of each student. Saint Genevieve considers cheating to be a voluntary act for which there may be reasons, but for which there is no justification.
The school will follow these steps. However; in extremely serious cases students may be immediately placed on probation, suspended or expelled.
1. First Offense
  • A zero is given for the assignment
  • Disciplinary referral is issued
  • Conference with parents is required
  • Student is placed on probation
  • Student loses any St. Genevieve scholarship
  • Student may be removed from any leadership position or may be barred from being a candidate for leadership.
2. Second Offense
  • Student is required to withdraw from school

Receiving or supplying unauthorized information; copying the work of others or permitting your work to be copied; possession of unauthorized materials during an exam; changing the answer after work has been completed; copying and submitting the assignment of another students; or permitting the copying of homework, assignment or project of another student.
A student who receives (three) semester “F’s during the school year may be asked to leave the school. A student below a 2.0 GPA for two consecutive semester may be asked to withdrawl. Any student who has incurred one or more “F’s” in a semester and fails to make up the credit in summer school may not return for the following school year. Summers school courses should be taken in conjunction with the Curriculum and Guidance Offices to ensure completion of graduation requirements.
All families are to alert the drivers dropping off and picking up their children that they are to be respectful and courteous to other drivers and our neighbors. No one is to block the driveway of our neighbors. Arrangements are to be made to have students picked up within 20 minutes of dismissal or any practice they are involved in. Students who are not involved in an activity are not permitted to remain on campus.
It is the responsibility of each parent/guardian to keep emergency cards and information up-to-date. Whenever there is a change of information, for example, with an address or phone number, the information is to be reported promptly to the school.
The administration discourages families from scheduling vacations during the school year; however family emergencies can arise. Parents should contact the Vice-Principal of Academics to indicate specific reasons for the trip and excuse of absence. If permission is granted, the days absent are excused and apply towards the ten (10) days maximum allowable before credit may be denied or grade reduced. Students are issued a Trip Form to present to teachers and obtain signatures and assignments. It is the responsibility of the student to make up all class work, assignments, quizzes and tests. Failure to make up work may result in loss of credit. Failure of parents to notify the administration may result in the days absent being "unexcused." Students with unexcused absences will not be allowed to make up missed work.
Tardiness is defined as the arrival on campus after the first period has begun or the arrival in class after the bell has rung to begin class (student must be in his/her assigned seat). Tardiness is disruptive to the educational process. All tardies will be considered unexcused. Tardies are cumulative, counted for every class, and cleared at the semester.
TARDY POLICY (Per Semester)


1st to 3rd tardy – Verbal Warning to student


4th tardy – After school 30 minute detention with a parent conference notice sent home to be signed and returned. Parent conferences will need to be made during school hours. Failure to complete an after school detention or turn in the parent signed form will resort into a morning detention.


5th tardy – Morning detention for 1 hour at 7:15 a.m. A notice will also be sent home to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the Dean of Character. Students may be asked during morning detention to perform tasks that will be beneficial to their school and/or community. However, these tasks may not be counted towards Christian Service Hours. Failure to complete a morning detention or turn in the parent signed form will resort into a Saturday detention.


6th tardy – Saturday detention for 2 hours at 8:00 a.m., with a $10.00 charge (used to cover the cost of the staff on duty for detention and for prizes that will be raffled to students who have received no tardies). The fee must be turned in at the time of the detention. Students will not be allowed to complete their Saturday Detention if the payment is not made on the day of the detention and will need to reschedule and attend the next Saturday detention. Any student receiving a 6th tardy will be immediately put on probation. A letter will be sent home notifying the parents/guardians of their student’s probation. A parent conference will need to be arranged with the Dean of Character. Parent Conferences will need to be made during school hours. Failure to complete a Saturday detention or turn in the parent signed form will resort into a 4 hour Saturday detention.


7th tardy – A student receiving a 7th tardy will be suspended from school for 2 days. While on suspension students are responsible for completing all missed work and or tests. However, arrangements can be made with the Dean of Character for tests in which there are no make-up days. Parents will be notified of their child’s suspension from school.

8th tardy – Student is now in violation of their probation. A letter will be sent home notifying parents of their child’s dismissal from school. Parents and/or student may request a Discipline Review Board.



  • Respect the authority of the administrators, faculty and staff.
  • Follow the rules and policies outlined in the Parent/ Student handbook.
  • Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.
  • Be prepared for class and have necessary materials.
  • Respect school property and carefully use and return all materials, uniforms and equipment.
  • Comply with the student dress code.
  • Refrain from profanity and obscenity in verbal and written expression.
  • Help maintain and improve the cleanliness of our campus by disposing of litter properly.
  • Treat others and yourself with respect and dignity.
  • Demonstrate good behavior while on campus or at school activities.
  • Refrain from chewing gum or sunflower seeds on campus.
  • Consume food and drinks in the proper areas.
  • Avoid areas in which there is no faculty/staff supervision.
  • Take progress reports, notes, and all important information home to parents/guardians.
  • Know right from wrong and consistently choose to do the right thing.


Saint Genevieve High School is grateful to all parents/students who take their financial obligations seriously and meet them in a timely manner.  For the school to meet its financial obligations, it is necessary that tuition and fees be made on time.

 Communication with the Tuition Manager:  It is necessary that when there is a possibility that an agreed upon payment may be late there must be immediate communication with the tuition office.

 When financial obligations are not met: it then becomes a challenge for the school to meet its financial obligations to faculty, staff, vendors and utility companies.  Therefore, the school reserves the right to withhold testing, grades and diplomas as well as to deny students the privilege of participating in school sponsored activities including but not limited to dances, prom, grad night, and graduation.


·         When tuition is 10 calendar days past due, a student will no longer be permitted to attend classes and/or participate in school events until tuition becomes current.
·         Students will receive grades of “Incomplete” until tuition is current.
·         Quarter and semester exams must be made up within three school days or an “Incomplete” grades becomes an “F.”
·         The school reserves the right to pursue legal means to collect any outstanding tuition and fees.

 Tuition Office Contact:  (818) 894-6417 ext. 104 with any questions or concerns


A family with an unpaid balance for the current school year may not register for the following school year until the tuition for the current school year is paid in full, unless special payment arrangements have been made in a writing signed by school’s principal or administrator. School records, diplomas or transcripts will not be released until all tuition and other charges have been paid in full.


There is a $15.00 charge for each service hour not completed by May 1, 2015. Service hours are awarded for time spent by parents/guardians providing service to the school. Examples include serving on committees, active participation in booster clubs, chaperoning field trips or working at a fundraiser. Parents/guardians may not accrue service hours for both the elementary and the high school for the same hours at the same event.


There is a $30.00 penalty for check returned by the bank, as Non Sufficient Funds. Money orders will be required for all future payments.
There is a $30.00 penalty for all payments that are made (10) days after the due date. This includes payments returned due to Non Sufficient funds.

In order to be efficient and accurate, tuition collection is done through FACTS Tuition Management Program.  FACTS requires an enrollment fee to use the program which is paid by parents.

If you have any questions regarding FACTS, please contact FACTS at (800) 624-7092.



Participating in graduation, grad night, the prom and other affiliated activities are privileges; they are not rights.  Any student who is not current with any and all tuition and fees will likely be denied the opportunity to participate in the graduation ceremony and other senior privileges as determined by the school.  The school reserves the right to determine dates for deadlines regarding any and all such monies.  Additionally, the school reserves the right to apply monies paid for graduation fee, prom, grad night and other such events to any tuition in arrears and the student will then be denied the opportunity to participate in said events.  


In addition to our own Scholarship awards St. Genevieve High School participates in the Tuition Award Program, funded annually from the Education Foundation through the Department of Catholic Schools. If financial assistance is needed, forms may be obtained from the Main Office. Forms are available in January and due in March.