Library Rules

Listed below are the rules for the use of the Library. Any violation of the rules may result in (but not limited to) loss of library use privileges, Saturday detention, monetary fines and/or suspension from school up to and including expulsion.

  • No Cell Phones
  • No Loud Noises
  • No Vandalism
  • No Food or Drinks (including water)
  • No Pens may be used on Sofas
  • You must sign-in to use computers
  • Computers are for school-related tasks only


Saint Genevieve High School provides student use of the Internet for its educational benefits. Unfortunately, however, some material accessible via the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, potentially offensive or contrary to the teachings of the school and Catholic Church.


As Christian young men and women, we expect our students to be a model of morality, character and judgment on the Internet. The administration requires that students and parents read, understand and accept the following rules of conduct. Further, parents must understand and accept that the faculty/staff cannot individually monitor all of the information that a student is able to access and that it is impossible to completely prevent access to inappropriate or controversial materials.


Students are responsible for good behavior on the Internet just as they are in school. General school rules for behavior and communications apply. Network storage areas may be treated like school lockers. Network administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files would be private. Supervision is required on school grounds as well as on the Internet.


The following is not permitted:

  • Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures.
  • Using obscene language.
  • Harassing, insulting or attacking others.
  • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks.
  • Violating copyright laws or school policies.
  • Using another's password.
  • Trespassing in another's folders, work or files.
  • Intentionally wasting limited resources such as disk space or printing capacity, including through the use of “chain letters” and messages broadcasted to mailing lists or individuals.
  • Employing the network for commercial purposes.
  • Revealing ANY personal information about yourself or any other person without permission from the instructor.
  • Participation in “chat rooms” is forbidden!
  • Downloading files or software for which a fee is charged may result in financial restitution
  • Changing settings which would affect other users, for example: fonts, colors screen savers



Violations may result in loss of access and could result in dismissal from the class or other disciplinary action.

Be prepared to be held accountable for your actions!