Valiant Fitness

How do you define success? Whatever your answer is to this question, you should remember that, whether a state of wealth or a state of mind, a healthy and fit body that is respected is integral to success. We often take our health and our bodies for granted. As long as our body is functioning, we don’t always cherish it as we should. Too often, it is only after a part stops functioning that we realize how important good health and fitness is to a successful lifestyle.
Therefore, fitness plays a critical role in the lives of the Valiants. Five years ago we adopted a fitness program meant to challenge all of our students and even our teachers. That’s right…all of our teachers. We all exercise. Four days a week, from 1:50 to 2:30 the whole school spreads out for exercise, our seventh period fitness class.
Students get to choose a different class each quarter. Teachers decide which activities they will lead, which provides the list of offerings for students. We strive to offer a variety of classes, something for everyone. Classes have ranged from: walking, running, salsa dancing, yoga, pilates, aerobics, camp games, kickball, soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, hacki sak, and break dancing. We think that you will find something of interest. By 2:30, everyone seems to have energy and there are smiles all over the place.
“St. Genevieve is providing its students with a fitness program that is developing a habit that will serve students throughout their lives.”
-The Los Angeles Times
At the end of four years, we want for every graduating Valiant to know instinctively that exercise and fitness is a necessary and vital component to their lives.