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St. Genevieve High School's Character Education Speaker Series was developed as a part of our JOURNEYS program. Inspirational speakers such as Sr. Helen Prejean,Sr. Clare Fitzgerald, Edward James Olmos, Chuck D, Justin Fatica, Helen Reddy, Beth Nimmo, President Jimmy Carter, and many more have shared their powerful and uplifting testimonies to those in attendance. To learn more, please visit our Speaker Series page.


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Everyday Matters

Everyday Matters

A Short Video and Other Thoughts:

See the link below to hear One Moment in Time being sung by elementary school and their parents.  This was filmed at Sunday’s Back to School Mass.  It was an Anointed Moment.

Latin in the Air:  This is the first year in several decades that the school is offering Latin.  Students in grades 6th through 12th have the option of taking a Latin class.  Not only is this excellent preparation for eventually taking the SAT’s and ACT’s, I’m hearing that students are enjoying the class, the content, and the teacher.  Good job, Mr. Blasdel.  The positive word is getting around.

Gym Remodel:  In case you haven’t heard, a grant from the Fritz B. Burns Foundation is allowing us to realize a remodel to the gym.  We’ve already installed two large screens, a new scoreboard, and new hoops.  The painting of the ceiling began today.  We are painting the ceiling and ducts black…see attached link for a picture of the painting in progress.  Next there will be a customized paint job to all of the walls followed by new seating and aisles.

Auditions for All Shook Up:  Next week, from Monday through Thursday, auditions will be held for the Fall musical, All Shook Up.  All Shook Up is a jukebox musical with Elvis Presley music and the story is based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  If that isn’t exciting enough, this is the first time that auditions will be open to students in grades 6th through 12th.  A school first!

Click or tap here for video of our "One Moment in Time" song


Sunday’s Back to School Mass and Meeting


A great turnout…great spirit…great support.   Thank you to all of you who came and filled our church with family and community.  Overall, it was a wonderful event.   I don’t know about you, but there were several moments during the Mass which I found to be Anointed Moments.  My favorite was when parents and students together sang, One Moment in Time.  I filmed it, trying to get some of it up on this site.



Watch a video of Tuesday’s music practice.


What made Tuesday’s music practice so much fun? Over 1,100 students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade rehearsed for Friday’s Mass celebrating the Assumption of Mary. The church was crowded and hot, yet there was energy in the air that made our hour of practice both productive and fun. There definitely is a very positive vibration…positive energy that is palpable on both sides of our campus. When you watch this short video, keep in mind that this is only the 7th day of school for those kindergarteners sitting in the front. Also, make certain to notice the musicians…all home-grown here at St. Gen. In years past we have usually hired professional musicians to play for special Masses. This is the first year that all our musicians are either part of our staff and the majority from our student body. That’s a proud feeling!

Click or tap here to view a video of our Parish Schools' music practice



 Welcome to Everyday Matters!

This is the launch of my blog, Everyday Matters! I intend this to be a place to provide some general thoughts, updates, reminders, and shout-outs…all from this principal’s perspective. The two schools which comprise St. Genevieve are a hub of activity buzzing mostly with a positive energy fueled by exciting and excited students, staff and parents. From time to time, I want to comment on the happenings around our schools, hopefully recognize some of you who work hard to make our corner of Panorama City a place of pride…someplace special!


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